Work Out World Cancellation – How to Cancel a Membership in Four Simple Steps

There’s a lot of confusion that can be present when it comes to time to cancel a contract of any type. Seeing as contracts are the “fine print” of an agreement between one party and another, it’s always of good mind to be progressive when canceling them. With a Work Out World cancellation, there are some easy steps that you can take to cancel your contract; steps that will be outlined in this helpful article.

Locate Your Contract Information

If you saved you contract (recommended) and filed it, your first step will be to look up it up, so that you can have it for reference. If you are unable to locate your contract, don’t worry. A rep at the sales office that you signed up at will have a copy of it on file.

Call for Work Out World Cancellation

Call the location where you signed up. Inform them that you’d like to issue a Work Out World cancellation of your contract. They will more than likely ask you to stop in to sign off on the cancellation.

Stop by the Office to Speak with Us

When you stop on in the office, make sure to ask any questions that you have regarding the Work Out World cancellation. Review the final terms and conditions, and make sure that you understand them. Sign any required paperwork to terminate your contract. That’s it!

Get Notification of Your Cancellation in Writing
As a good measure, ask for a written letter to be issued stating the cancellation date of your contract. Sometimes computers mess up. So in the rare event that you are billed again, you can use this written notice as your evidence to have any unauthorized charges corrected. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Congratulations – Your Work Out World Cancellation is Complete!
Once you have completed the above outlined steps, you should pat yourself on the back because it means that your Work Out World cancellation has been completed successfully. At the time that you stop into our office to speak with a friendly sales representative, make sure that you ask them about any fees or cancellation fees that may be associated with early termination of your contract. They will be happy to review and answer any questions that you might have. Depending upon what type of contract you signed and when you signed it, as well as the remaining length of your contract, there may or may not be a fee associated with cancellation.