Work Out World News – Bring Your Kids, We’ll Babysit Them While You Get Toned

Look, life is busy. You’ve got things to do. You got a job to go to. You have errands to run. And you’ve got a family to take care of. Where in the heck are you supposed to find that extra time – or hire a babysitter – to make room for your demanding workout? And in Today’s Work Out World news, we’ve got the easy answer: let us babysit them for you while you work out. You didn’t read this wrong. Did a gym in New Jersey really just offer to watch your tots while you hit the gym? You bet we sure did.

Our babysitting services are offered to all of our members as part of our ongoing New Jersey Strong commitment. We want all residents of our amazing state to have the ability to enjoy fabulous health with a strong workout regimen. However, the reality is that we often are hampered with our schedules due to our family obligations. That’s where the babysitting program comes into the picture. Bring your kids along. While you get in some serious calorie shedding time, our caring staff will entertain them—and they can play and have a blast with the other children while they are hanging ten in our babysitting center. Check on your kids whenever you please, and rest assured: CPR certified adult supervision will be present at all times.

Before you make the excuse of, “I would workout today but I have to watch the kids…” we will stop you right in your tracks. Bring the kids along. We’ll watch them while you workout. And now you just figured out a way to make working out part of your everyday routine at New Jersey’s finest gym. We’ll babysit while you get fit!


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