Work Out World: No Need to Change Your Diet – Moderation is the Key

Work Out World News is pleased to offer some top rated tips from weight loss experts in this edition of our ongoing coverage. While working out is very pleasurable for most, for newcomers it can be quite an adjustment. Weight loss goals will be directly impacted by the diet that you keep when pursuing your goals. While some people think that you have to entirely subjugate the foods that you used to eat and refrain from them, others believe that you can still eat what you want, provided that you moderate it and stick to your guns. Here are some simple tips.

Avoiding Rebound Overeating

One expert says that you can still eat what you want, just moderate it. This means buying one cookie as opposed to a box from the bakery. Or buying the low fat version instead of the regular version. Consuming a 7 oz steak instead of a 12 oz steak, and eating half-sized portions instead of full-sized portions. Moderation and discipline is the key.

Make Treats & Sweets an Adventure

Instead of stocking your pantry with fatty treats that lead to temptation that’s difficult to curb, instead make treats an adventure and stock healthy snacks instead. A trip to the ice cream shop will be welcomed. And when it’s only allowed once per week, you can better reduce your intake of fatty foods that break your diet.

Eat More Protein & Add Spices
According to Donald Layman, PhD, a University of Illinois protein researcher, eating more protein and spices has a profound effect upon weight loss. “Diets higher in protein and moderate in carbs, along with a lifestyle of regular exercise, have an excellent potential to help weight loss,” he explains. Adding new spices makes food more exciting, and enables the easier keeping of diet rules.


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