How to Ensure Your Work Out World Cancellation is Processed

There seems to be some confusion regarding the confirmation of your Work Out World cancellation circulating. But as a matter of fact, it really couldn’t be any easier to get your Work Out World cancellation confirmed. To better help you out in this regard, the following simple three steps can assure you that your cancellation has been processed and that no further action is required.

Request Cancellation
Make sure you have properly requested a Work Out World cancellation. You can easily do so by stopping in the administrative office and informing the staff of your intent to cancel. The staff will guide you through any of the simple steps required to cancel your membership.

Confirm Cancellation
After you have followed the steps advised to you by the staff regarding your Work Out World cancellation, you should be good to go. To best ensure that there will be no future charges make sure you clear any and all account balances. Ask the staff if you are mandated to pay a contract termination fee for early termination. Ensure that your contract has been cancelled by talking to an office manager and asking that they mail you confirmation in the mail for your records.

Retain Documentation of Cancellation
It may take up to ten business days for you to receive confirmation in the mail of your Work Out World cancellation. Once you receive that letter confirming that your cancellation is effective, make sure that you save that letter and any accompanying documentation for your records. That’s it: congratulations, your Work Out World cancellation is complete.